Bachelor Program

Are you interested in issues of peace and development? Wondering why people participate in armed conflicts? We offer a 3-year Bachelor's Program in Peace and Development Studies.

Master Program

One of the most popular programs at Uppsala University, our 2-year Master Program in Peace and Conflict Studies brings together students from all corners of the world. The program prepares graduates for a professional career as analysts or researchers within the international field of peace and conflict.

Freestanding Courses

The Department offers a number of freestanding courses at the undergraduate and advanced levels.

Uppsala Rotary Peace Center

The Department is proud to host one of the six Rotary International Peace Centers. Students from all over the world can apply to Rotary scholarships to pursue a Master in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Department.

PhD Program

We offer a 4-year PhD program in Peace and Conflict Research. Special call for applications to the Research School of International Center for Water Cooperation, with deadline November 3, 2014.


Magnus Öberg (Head of Department)
Phone: +46 (0)18 471 27 87

Karen Brounéus (Director of Studies)
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 23 27

Kristine Höglund (Director of Studies, PhD Programme)
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 63 87

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Welcome to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Magnus Öberg, Erik Melander and Ashok Swain commented on this year's Nobel Peace Prize Winner in a press release published by Uppsala University 2014-10-10. A comment by Peter Wallensteen is also available at the website of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame.

Book Launch with Focus on the Ukraine Crisis

A book launch for the book Regional Organizations and Peacemaking - Challengers to the UN?, edited by Peter Wallensteen and Anders Bjurner, was held on October 1, in the University Main Building. The event took the form of a panel discussion on the most significant recent geopolitical event in Europe, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. It illustrates the questions of peacemaking and the roles of the UN and regional organizations.

Thus the panel gathered participants in the book project that particularly deal with UN-Europe relations. This included Professors Peter Wallensteen, Peace Research, and Inger Österdahl of International Law as well as ranking diplomats, notably Ambassador Rolf Ekéus, who has considerable experience with the OSCE and  Ambassador Lars-Erik Lundin, writing on EU. Also Ambassador Anders Bjurner shared his thoughts on the difficulties encountered for peacemaking in general and for the international bodies in particular. The discussions were moderated by Annika Söder, Director of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation in Uppsala. A large audience filled up Lecture Hall X in the University Main Building.

The event was organized by Uppsala Forum in cooperation with the Uppsala Association of International Affairs and Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle (SNS).

More news from the Department 

The department welcomes all new and old students!

Claude Ake Professor 2014 - Maxi Schoeman

Regional Organisations in Peacemaking: Challengers to the UN?

Peace Research cited in US Congress

For more news, please see News Archive.


Dissertation 2014

Daniel Strandow will defend his dissertation: "Fighting for Aid - Foreign Funding and Civil Conflict Intensity" on 18 October, 14:15, in Sal IX in Universitetshuset. The opponent is Professor Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, University of Essex.

Johan Brosché defended his dissertation: "Masters of War - The Role of Elites in Sudan's Communal Conflicts" on 7 February, 13:15, in Hörsal Gunnar Johansson in Blåsenhus. The opponent was Professor Catherine Boone, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics.

Speaker Series

"What's in a claim? Selective contestation of territories"

16 October, 13.15-15.00 (sal 2 Gamla Torget 3)

On 16 October, Hein Goemans, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester, will hold a lecture on "What's in a claim? Selective contestation of territories". The Speaker Series lectures are open to the public. Most welcome!

For more information see the Speaker Series webpage.

Claude Ake Memorial Lecture

How Noble the Impulse, How Harsh the Realities?

Twenty years of South African peacemaking and peacebuilding in Africa

By Professor Maxi Schoeman

Date: Wednesday October 22 at 15.15

Venue: Uppsala University Main Building, room IX

For more information see the Claude Ake Momorial Lecture flyer.

Call for applications

Peace and Security in Africa (PASA) 2015

Application to Peace and Security in Africa (PASA) 2015-2016 is now open. Closing date for applications is 15 February 2015. For more information about PASA and eligibility, see the PASA webpage.

Claude Ake Visiting Chair 2015: Invitation to apply!

The Department of Peace and Conflict Research and the Nordic Africa Institute currently invite applications to the Claude Ake Visiting Chair for 2015. Applicants should be established and internationally recognised senior scholars with professorial competence in their respective fields of expertise.

Deadline for applications: 20 November 2014

For more information see the Claude Ake Visting Chair flyer and the Claude Ake Visiting Chair webpage.


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Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications from the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, please see Publications.

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