Bachelor Program

Are you interested in issues of peace and development? Wondering why people participate in armed conflicts? We offer a 3-year Bachelor's Program in Peace and Development Studies.

Master Program

One of the most popular programs at Uppsala University, our 2-year Master Program in Peace and Conflict Studies brings together students from all corners of the world. The program prepares graduates for a professional career as analysts or researchers within the international field of peace and conflict.

The Second Admission Round is from 15 March to 18 April (midnight CET).

Freestanding Courses

The Department offers a number of freestanding courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Uppsala Rotary Peace Center

The Department is proud to host one of the six Rotary International Peace Centers. Students from all over the world can apply to Rotary scholarships to pursue a Master in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Department.

PhD Program

We offer a 4-year PhD program in Peace and Conflict Research.


Magnus Öberg (Head of Department)
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Karen Brounéus (Director of Studies)
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Kristine Höglund (Director of Studies, PhD Programme)
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Welcome to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research

”Resolving Jihadist Conflicts?” at Nordic conference on violent extremism 

In the photo, from the left: Isak Svensson, Desirée Nilsson, Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs and Daniel Finnbogason

On Tuesday 25 April, the Swedish Core Group of “Resolving Jihadist Conflicts” arranged a panel and presented ongoing research within the framework of the project, at the conference “Risks, roots and responses: Nordic conference on research on violent extremism”, organised by the Segerstedt Institute at the University of Gothenburg. The aim of the conference was to present research and concrete initiatives currently ongoing on in the Nordic countries and in other parts of the world, on the topic of violent extremism.

For more information on the conference, please visit:…/c…/risks-roots-responses.

Support for the event was provided by the German Embassy - Stockholm and the US Embassy - Stockholm.

More news from the Department

Lisa Hultman awarded the 2016 Glenn Palmer Prize for best publication in Conflict Management and Peace Science

Ida Rudolfsen wins award for best paper in ISA PDG section

Book Release: Fredens Diplomater

International Training on Dialogue and Mediation (ITDM)

New Doctors in Peace and Conflict Research 

Sustainable Peace discussed a High-Level Meeting in New York

New Institutional Peace Research Project with Nepal

Kick-off meeting for the ViEWS project

For more news, please see News Archive.

Blogs and media

Johan Brosché, Kristine Höglund, Sebastian van Baalen, have written a op ed, published by Svenska Dagbladet, regarding Swedish weapon exports and Sweden’s attempt to export Jas to Botswana. 

Johan Brosché has written a op ed, published by Svenska Dagbladet, regarding Lundin Oil. He was later also interviewed by Svenska Dagbladet about the same topic. 

Peter Wallensteen and Isak Svensson has written a op ed, published by Svenska Dagbladet, pointing to the importance of international mediation (in Swedish). 


Speaker Series

"Where do violent norms come from? An institutional analysis of rebellion​"

4 May, 13.15-15.00 (Sal 2, Gamla Torget 3)

On 4 May, Zoe Marks, Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, will hold a lecture on "Where do violent norms come from? An institutional analysis of rebellion​". The Speaker Series lectures are open to the public. Most welcome!

For more information see the Speaker Series webpage.

Philosophy Tea podcasts

The two sessions for the autumn of 2016, dealing with works of Voltaire (Candide) and Hannah Arendt (The Origins of Totalitarianism) respectively, are available as podcasts.

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Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications from the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, please see Publications.

Karlén, Niklas (2017): Turning off the Taps: The Termination of State Sponsorship, Terrorism and Political Violence

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