Department of Peace and Conflict Research

The Department’s work for equality

Uppsala University, and thus also the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, shall have a long term and systematic work for equal opportunities encompassing all grounds for discrimination. The work shall be carried out on all levels within the University and the Department.

The goal is "to combat discrimination and in other ways promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.” (Swedish Discrimination Act 2014:958)

More detailed information on the Department's equality work can be found in the equality plans below.

The Department’s committee for equal treatment and opportunities (equality committee) develops the Department’s equality plan. The committee discusses questions regarding equal opportunities, plans and undertakes measures, arranges seminars for employees, and informs students about its work on these questions.

The quality committee is composed of the Department’s Equality Officer, the Head of Department, and representatives of the Department’s four corporations: teachers/researchers, technical/administrative staff, PhD students, and undergraduate students. The committee welcomes proposals and ideas for its continued work. The group meets a couple of times each year.

For 2017-2018 the members are as follows

Equality Officers: Charlotte Grech-Madin and Sebastian van Baalen
Head of Department: Magnus Öberg 
TA-staff: Therese Pettersson
Teachers/researchers: Sabine Otto
PhD students: Sebastian van Baalen
Student representatives: Christiana Lang (Master) and Pauline af Ekenstam (Undergraduate)


For discussion of questions and proposals regarding the equality work you can contact the Department’s Equality Officers Charlotte Grech-Madin and Sebastian van Baalen via email or step by during office hours.

If you or anyone you know at work/in your course is exposed to discrimination or harassment on any of the grounds mentioned above, you can always turn to the Department’s equality officers Charlotte Grech-Madin and Sebastian van Baalen. If you would rather contact somebody else, you can also directly contact the Head of Department, Director of Studies, or the University’s Equality Officer. All contacts with the Equality Officer are treated as confidential. 

Contact Information

The Equality Officers Charlotte Grech-Madin and Sebastian van Baalen can be reached via email.

Charlotte Grech-Madin can also be reached during office hours: every first Thursday of the month, 11:00-12:00, room 470, level 4, Gamla Torget 3.

Planned Measures

In the period 2017-2018, the equality committee plans to undertake a survey on students’ views around the equality work, including future opportunities in this area. Furthermore, an informal meeting in form of an “equality mingle” is planned that will give the opportunity to exchange ideas and viewpoints on the Department’s equality work.

Equality Survey

The Equality Committee at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research is conducting a survey among students regarding Equality Work at the Department. The survey serves a dual purpose: For one, it should inform the Equality Committee about the current status of students’ experiences with equality issues, any perceived obstacles, challenges, or problems. Secondly, it leaves room for you to suggest areas for improvement, topics you are interested in, or measures and activities you want to suggest that can inform the Equality Committee’s work going forward.

Because it is important for the Equality Work at the Department to gain insights on both aspects, we would greatly appreciate your participation in the survey. The survey is anonymous and all questions are optional. The results will be evaluated in form of a short report that will be made available on the Departments’ webpage by the end of the year.

Participate in survey in Swedish

Participate in survey in English