New edition of introductory text book


How can we understand the causes and consequences of contemporary conflict? What can be done to prevent the outbreak of new conflicts? The second edition of Krig och fred: En introduktion till freds- och konfliktstudier (Studentlitteratur, 2017, in Swedish only) provides a broad introduction to peace and conflict studies.

The book brings together some of the most prominent researchers in Sweden to present analytical perspectives on war and conflict, conflict resolution, peace building and development.

Uppsala University has contributed to the book in several ways. Kristine Höglund has, together with Karin Aggestam (Lund University) edited the book and authored two of the introductory chapters. Hanne Fjelde, Roland Kostic, Anders Themnér, and Louise Olsson have also contributed with chapters on issues such as the causes of war; negotiation and mediation; demobilization and security sector reform; gender equality and peace; and reconciliation in Bosnia-Hercegovina. For more information, see