Alva Myrdal’s place in Uppsala inaugurated


Louise Olsson

On 8 September, in memory of Alva Myrdal and her efforts for peace and nuclear disarmament, Alva Myrdal’s place was inaugurated in Uppsala. 

Louise Olsson, researcher at the Department and at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) gave a speech during the ceremony and highlighted Alva Myrdal as a source of inspiration since she successfully combined the collection of research findings, diplomacy and a great personal commitment. Other speakers were Lena Hjelm Wallén, former Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from Uppsala municipality.

Professor Peter Wallensteen explains Alva Myrdals significance for this Department:

Nobel peace prize laureate Alva Myrdal (1902-1986) was not only favoring women’s role in society and worked for nuclear disarmament. She also was instrumental in the creation of SIPRI, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and was the first Chair of the Board. At the same time Alva Myrdal emphasized the role of the universities in peace studies, and encouraged those involved in building peace research at Uppsala University, what today is the Department. Thus, one of the Department’s meeting rooms is named after her.