DPCR congratulates new professor in peace and conflict research


Isak Svensson

Professor Isak Svensson was formally installed as Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research on 17 November during the professors’ inauguration ceremony in the Uppsala University Grand Auditorium. The inaugural lecture was held during the inauguration week and was titled ”International mediation in civil wars - the effects of biased and unbiased mediators”. 

Professor Isak Svensson received his PhD in Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in 2007 and was promoted to professor in 2015. His research focuses on international mediation, religion and conflict, and nonviolent resistance. Isak Svensson is project leader for the international research project Resolving Jihadist Armed Conflicts? Religion, Civil War, and Prospects of Peace (funded by Riksbankens Jubleumsfond, 2016-2020). His work has been published in journals such as Journal of Peace ResearchJournal of Conflict ResolutionEuropean Journal of International Relations, Negotiation Journal, Terrorism and Political Violence, and Pacific Review

He is the author of The Go-Between: Ambassador Jan Eliasson and the Styles of International Mediation, (co-authored with Peter Wallensteen) United Institute of Peace Press (2010); Ending Holy Wars: Religion and Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars, University of Queensland Press (2012), and International Mediation Bias and Peacemaking: Taking sides in civil wars (Routledge, 2015). Together with Ron Hassner, Isak Svensson har also edited (2016): International Relations & Religion, Vol 1-IV, SAGE.