New Doctors in Peace and Conflict Research


Winter Confrement Ceremony, group picture
Niklas Karlén, Nynke Salverda, I. William Zartman, Peter Wallensteen, Sara Lindberg Bromley,
and Emma Elfversson

The Department congratulates Doctor Niklas Karlén, Doctor Nynke Salverda, Doctor Sara Lindberg Bromley, and Doctor Emma Elfversson who were conferred as Ph.D. at the University's Winter Conferment Ceremony, "Vinterpromotionen", 26 January, 2018. In the middle of the picture is Professor I. William Zartman, Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC who became honorary doctor of social science, in recognition of his negotiation studies and long cooperation with the Department. Professor Peter Wallensteen acted as his host.

Emma Elfversson defended her dissertation: Central Politics and Local Peacemaking: The Conditions for Peace after Communal Conflict. on 6 October.

Sara Lindberg Bromley defended her dissertation: Keeping Peace while Under Fire: The Causes, Characteristics and Consequences of Violence against Peacekeepers. on 20 October 2017.

Nynke Salverda defended her dissertation: Complex Conflicts: Causes and Consequences of Multiparty Civil Wars. on 18 November 2017.

Niklas Karlén defended his dissertation: Sponsors of War: State Support for Rebel Groups in Civil Conflicts. on 8 December 2017.