Jannie Lilja

Jannie LiljaPhD, Associate researcher

E-mail: dr.jannie.lilja@gmail.com

Research Areas

Peacebuilding; collective action for peace and war; intra-party consolidation; peace negotiations; dynamics of armed conflict; trade negotiations; non-state parties; civilian-rebel group relationship; civilians in armed conflict; human security; South Asia; West Africa


  • Lilja, Jannie and Kristine Höglund "The Role of the External in Local Peacebuilding: Enabling Action - Managing Risk" (forthcoming in Global Governance)
  • Lilja, Jannie and Mohamed Manga (2013) "Going it Alone: The Casamance Conflict and the Challenges of Internal Peace Making" In Mediation and Liberal Peacebuilding, eds. M Eriksson & R Kostic. London: Routledge.
  • Lilja, Jannie (2012) "Trust and Treason: Social Network Structure as a Source of Flexibility in Peace Negotiations" Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 5(1): 96–125.
  • Lilja, Jannie (2012) "Outbidding and the Decision to Negotiate" In The Slippery Slope to Genocide: Reducing Identity Conflicts and Preventing Mass Murder, eds. William Zartman et al. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 126-153. 
  • Lilja, Jannie (2012) "Domestic-Level Factors and Negotiation (In)Flexibility in the WTO" International Negotiation, 17(1): 115 –138. 
  • Lilja, Jannie (2011) "Ripening Within?: Strategies Used by Rebel Negotiators to End Ethnic War" Negotiation Journal 27(3): 311-342.
  • Lilja, Jannie with Lisa Hultman (2011) "Intra-Ethnic Dominance and Control: Violence against Co-Ethnics in the Early Sri Lankan Civil War" Security Studies 20(2): 171-197.
  • Lilja, Jannie (2010) Disaggregating Dissent: The Challenges of Intra-Party Consolidation in Civil War and Peace Negotiations. PhD Dissertation. Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Report 90. Uppsala University.
  • Lilja, Jannie (2009) "Trapping Constituents or Winning Hearts and Minds? Rebel Strategies to Attain Constituent Support in Sri Lanka" Terrorism and Political Violence 21(2) April: 306 - 326.
  • Lilja, Jannie with Tore Ellingsen, Magnus Johannesson and Henrik Zetterqvist (2009) “Trust and Truth” The Economic Journal, 119 January: 252-276.
  • Lilja, Jannie (2010) Book note in Journal of Peace Research. Shields, Vanessa and Nicholas D. J. Baldwin eds. (2008) Beyond Settlement: Making Peace Last after Civil Conflict. Madison-Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Contributions to:

  • The United Nations Peacebuilding Fund Advisory Group 2012-2014 Summary Report to the Secretary-General.
  • The World Bank Country Assistance Strategy for Sri Lanka 2009-2012.


Professional experience

Senior Fragility-Conflict Specialist for the World Bank, 2017 to present. Swedish Delegate in the United Nations Human Rights Council 2015-2017. Swedish focal point in International Gender Champions Steering Group, Geneva, 2016-2017. Lead on Security and Development at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 2012-2015. Conflict transformation analyst for the World Bank, 2007-2008. Desk officer at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, summers of 2005 and 2003. Project coordinator and adviser for the European Union Civil-Military Coordination project, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, for the European Commission, 2004. Internship at the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, fall 2002.


  • Aceh-Indonesia spring 2009; Sri Lanka, 2007-2008; Senegal, fall 2008; Bosnia and Georgia, spring-summer 2005.
  • Guest researcher at the Centre for the Study of Civil War at the International Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), spring 2009
  • Pre-doctoral research fellow with the Conflict Management Programme at Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC, spring 2008.