Board and Strategies

The Department is managed by the Head of Department (prefekt) and the board of the Department. The board is chaired by the Head of Department and consists of elected members from four corporations: teacher/researchers, technical/administrative staff, PhD students, and BA/Master students. The board decides on guidelines for the Department’s activities and on matters submitted to the board. The Head of Department, the deputy Head of Department and the two Directors of Studies (one for the undergraduate and advanced level and one for the doctoral level) and their deputies are responsible for the direct management of the Department’s activities and the implementation of board decisions.

Head of the Department (Ordförande prefekt)

Magnus Öberg

Members of the board

Lärare/forskare - korporationen

Johan Brosché ordinarie

Karen Bronéus ordinarie

Lisa Hultman ordinarie

Isak Svensson ordinarie

Erika Forsberg suppleant

Anders Themnér suppleant

Doktorand - korporationen

Stefan Döring ordinarie

Karin Johansson suppleant

TA - korporationen

Marie Allansson ordinarie

Chris Chau suppleant

Student - korporationen

Emil Petersson ordinarie

Lisa Öhman ordinarie 


Verksamhetsberättelse (Annual Report) 2015 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsberättelse (Annual Report) 2014 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2015 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2014 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2013 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2012 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2011 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsplan (Annual Plan) 2010 (in Swedish)

KoF 2011 Self Evaluation