Jan Ångström

Associate Professor (Uppsala University)

PhD (King’s College, London) 

Jan Angstrom is on leave of absence from August 2013 and is currently Professor of War Studies at the Swedish National Defence College.

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Research areas

My research interests include the dynamics, nature and conduct of modern war, development of strategic thought and international political theory, as well as the use of force in world politics. My research broadly fall into three general themes; (a) theory development on the causes of war and the specific conditions for knowledge production within the modern social sciences; (b) the concept of war and how it has been understood in modern strategic thought and modern politics; and (c) the use and utility of military power. Currently, I am working on a manuscript tentatively titled The Pursuit of Politics between Order and Chaos. The research deals with the nexus between the conduct of wars in failed states and state-building. As such the research draws upon bargaining theory, state-building theory, and strategic thought.


I joined the department in July 2010 from the Swedish National Defence College, where I taught War Studies and Political Science. Between 2000 and 2002, I worked at Mid Sweden University teaching Political Science and International Relations. I have previously taught courses on undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels covering a number of specific issues, including military theory, strategy, methods, causes of war, foreign policy analysis, international security, civil wars, security policy, political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and the use of force in world politics. I have supervised student dissertations at various levels for ten years and am currently assistant supervisor of two PhD candidates.

Publications (selected)


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Articles (peer-reviewed)

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Chapters in edited volumes

Angstrom, Jan (2011) “Evaluating Rivalling Interpretations of Asymmetric War and Warfare”, in Karl-Erik Haug & Ole Jorgen Maao (eds.) Conceptualising Modern War (New York: Columbia University Press).

Larsdotter, Kersti & Ångström, Jan (2008) ”Avslutning: Att välja rätt bland rivaliserande kunskaper om operationer och krigsvetenskap”, in Dan Öberg (ed.) Krigsvetenskaplig årsbok 2008 (Stockholm: Försvarshögskolan).

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Widén, Jerker & Ångström, Jan (2006) “Ska militärteori förstås som teori eller praktik?” in B. Brehmer (ed.) Krigsvetenskaplig årsbok 2006 (Stockholm: Försvarshögskolan).

Angstrom, Jan (2005) “Puzzles and Propositions in the Iraq War”, in J. Hallenberg & H. Karlsson (eds.) The Iraq War: European Perspectives on Politics, Strategy, and Operations (London: Routledge).


From 2009-2013, he was the co-editor (with Lee Miles) of Cooperation and Conflict (SAGE), the journal of the Nordic International Studies Association.

Jan Ångström

Jan Ångström
Associate Professor