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Short Biography

Corinne Bara is a post-doctoral researcher in Lisa Hultman's project Ending Atrocities: Third Party Interventions into Civil Wars. She received her PhD from ETH Zurich in 2016 for her dissertation on "The Onset and Diffusion of Civil War: Complexity and Temporal Dynamics." Prior to embarking on her dissertation research, she worked for the human security division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and was a researcher in the Risk & Resilience Research Group at the Center for Security Studies (ETH Zurich), where she specialized in research and consultancy (for the Swiss government) on risk analysis and disaster management.


Post-conflict armed violence, temporal dynamics of violence, conflict diffusion, peace processes, peacekeeping, violence displacement.

Her current research project focuses on peacekeeping and postwar armed violence, that is, various forms of collective violence that often accompany and follow peace processes and can last well into the post-settlement period. Given that peacekeepers frequently do not have a mandate to deal with the sort of actors and types of violence that characterize post-conflict settings, Dr. Bara examines whether peace operations reduce the extent of collective postwar violence at all, or whether they even inadvertently contribute to an increase in postwar violence by shifting the strategic calculus of actors away from battlefield engagements towards forms of violence that are less easily detected and sanctioned by those with a stake in the peace. This research is funded through a Post-Doc Mobility Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Corinne Bara's dissertation had analyzed the onset and diffusion of civil wars by theorizing and modeling aspects of complexity and temporal dynamics so far neglected. It included articles on the complex interplay of grievances and opportunities in the onset of civil war; on the temporal dynamics of cross-border conflict diffusion with a focus on the many wars that spread only after their termination, and on the impact of peacekeepers on this phenomenon of post-conflict diffusion.


Fall 2017, Lecturer: Causes of War (MA level)

Fall 2017, Lecturer: Methods (MA level)

At ETH Zurich, Corinne Bara co-taught a MA level seminar on Political Violence with Prof. Andreas Wenger, and taught the tutorial on Research Design and Small-N Research for Master's students during three semesters.


Peer-reviewed articles

Bara, Corinne (2017): Legacies of Violence: Conflict-specific Capital and the Postconflict Diffusion of Civil War. Journal of Conflict Resolution, published online ahead of print on 7 June 2017, doi: 10.1177/0022002717711501.

Bara, Corinne (2014): Incentives and Opportunities: A Complexity-Oriented Explanation of Violent Ethnic Conflict. Journal of Peace Research 51(6): 696-710. This paper received the Nils Petter Gleditsch Journal of Peace Research (JPR) Article of the Year Award in 2014.


Bara, Corinne (2016): The Onset and Diffusion of Civil War: Complexity and Temporal Dynamics. Dissertation, ETH Zürich, 2016, No. 23784.

Book chapters

Bara, Corinne (2012): Being Vulnerable in a Resilient Community? In: McLellan, Alex B. and Meir Elran, Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Societal Resilience (held December 2010), Washington D.C.: Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, 227-261.

Other publications (selected)

Bara, Corinne (2015). Time to Abandon the Greed-Grievance Debate. Article for the ISN Blog.

Bara, Corinne (2014). India and the Democratic Civil Peace. Article for the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich.

Bara, Corinne and Gabriel Brönnimann (2011). Resilience – Trends in Policy and Research. Focal Report for the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection. ETH Zurich: Center for Security Studies (CSS).

Bara, Corinne (2010). Social Vulnerability to Disasters. Factsheet for the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection. ETH Zurich: Center for Security Studies (CSS).

Bara, Corinne (2008). The Struggle for Gorkhaland. Article for the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich. 

Corinne Bara


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