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Research Areas

UN peacekeeping, protection of civilians, interventions into civil wars, violence against civilians, civil war dynamics.

Current Research 

Ending Atrocities: Third Party Interventions into Civil Wars

Protection of Civilians: UN Peacekeeping Strategies and Their Effectiveness

Threatening Ties: Understanding wartime civilian targeting along ethnic lines

Who, Where and Why: Understanding Microfoundations of Civil War 


International Interventions and Protection of Civilians (Master program)

Master's Thesis (Master program), co-convenor

Principal Supervisor to PhD student Karin Johansson and Assistant Supervisor to PhD student Annekatrin Deglow


Peer-reviewed articles 

Hultman, Lisa and Karin Johansson. 2017. “Responding to Sexual Violence: UN Peacekeeping and the Protection Agenda.” Global Responsibility to Protect 9(2): forthcoming.

Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman, and Sara Lindberg Bromley. 2016.  “Offsetting Losses: Bargaining Power and Rebel Attacks on Peacekeepers.International Studies Quarterly 60(4): 611-623.

Hultman, Lisa and Dursun Peksen. Forthcoming. “Successful or Counterproductive Coercion? The Effect of International Sanctions on Conflict Intensity.Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Hultman, Lisa, Jacob Kathman, and Megan Shannon. 2016. "United Nations Peacekeeping Dynamics and the Duration of Post-Civil Conflict Peace." Conflict Management and Peace Science 33(3): 231–249. [Winner of the Palmer Prize for CMPS Article of the Year 2016.]

Hultman, Lisa, Jacob Kathman, and Megan Shannon. 2014. "Beyond Keeping Peace: United Nations Effectiveness in the Midst of Fighting.American Political Science Review 108(4): 737-753. 

Fjelde, Hanne and Lisa Hultman, 2014. “Weakening the Enemy: A Disaggregated Study of Violence against Civilians in Africa”, Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(7): 1230-1257.    

Hultman, Lisa, Jacob Kathman and Megan Shannon. 2013. “United Nations Peacekeeping and Civilian Protection in Civil War.American Journal of Political Science 57(4): 875–891.

Lisa Hultman, 2013. "UN Peace Operations and Protection of Civilians: Cheap Talk or Norm Implementation?", Journal of Peace Research 50(1): 59-73. 

Hultman, Lisa, 2012. "Military Offensives in Afghanistan: A Double-Edged Sword", International Area Studies Review 15(3): 230-248.

Hultman, Lisa, 2012. “Attacks on Civilians in Civil War: Targeting the Achilles Heel of Democratic Governments”, International Interactions 38 (2): 164-181. 

Hultman, Lisa, 2012. “COIN and Collateral Deaths: Patterns of Violence in Afghanistan, 2004-2009”, 2012, Small Wars & Insurgencies 23 (2): 245 - 263.

Lilja, Jannie and Lisa Hultman, 2011. "Intra-Ethnic Dominance and Control: Violence against Co-Ethnics in the Early Sri Lankan Civil War", Security Studies 20 (2): 171-197. 

Hegre, Håvard, Lisa Hultman and Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, 2011. "Simulating the Effect of Peacekeeping Operations 2010-2035", in Sun-Ki Chai, John Salernoand Patricia L. Mabry, eds., Advances in Social Computing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 325-332. 

Hultman, Lisa, 2010. “Keeping Peace or Spurring Violence? Unintended Effects of Peace Operations on Violence against Civilians”, Civil Wars 12 (1-2): 29-46.

Hultman, Lisa, 2009. “The Power to Hurt in Civil War: The Strategic Aim of RENAMO Violence”, Journal of Southern African Studies 35(4): 821-834.

Eck, Kristine and Lisa Hultman, 2007. “One-Sided Violence Against Civilians in War: Insights from New Fatality Data”, Journal of Peace Research 44 (2): 233-246.

Hultman, Lisa, 2007. “Battle Losses and Rebel Violence: Raising the Costs for Fighting”, Terrorism and Political Violence 19 (2): 205-222.


Hultman, Lisa, 2008. “Targeting the Unarmed: Strategic Rebel Violence in Civil War”, Dissertation, Report no 82, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University.

Other Publications 

Hultman, Lisa. 2017. “Action for Protection: What Peacekeepers Do to Protect Civilians”, in Clayton G (ed) The Known Knowns and the Known Unknowns of Peacekeeping Data, International Peacekeeping 24(1): 28–32.

Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman, and Margareta Sollenberg. 2016. “Violence against Civilians in Civil War.” In Backer D., R. Bhavnani, and P. Huth (eds) Peace and Conflict 2016. New York: Routledge.

Hegre, Håvard, Lisa Hultman, and Håvard Mokleiv Nygård. 2015. “Peacekeeping Works”. PRIO Conflict Trends 01/2015.

Hultman, Lisa. 2014. "Robust Peacekeeping: A Desirable Development?", E-International Relations 2 Sept (accessed on 4 Sept)

Hultman, Lisa. 2014. “Violence against Civilians,” in Edward Newman and Karl DeRouen, Jr. (eds) The Routledge Handbook of Civil Wars. Routledge. 


Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2014

Editorial board member of Journal of Conflict ResolutionInternational Interactions, and International Peacekeeping

Guest Lecturer at the Swedish National Defence College, Sept 2011–Dec 2013.

Researcher at the Swedish National Defence College, Sept 2009-Aug 2011.

Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sept 2008—Aug 2009.

Visiting Scholar at the Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence (Yale University), Aug 2005—Jan 2006.

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