Karin Johansson

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Research areas

Research interests include the relationship between sexual violence and various conflict dynamics; and civilian victimization. 


Academic year 2015/16

  • Bachelor Thesis in Peace and Conflict Studies C (15 ECTS), Supervisor 
  • Conflict Analysis (7.5 ECTS), Group supervisor and seminar leader
  • Peace and Security in the International System (7.5 ECTS), Lecturer and seminar leader
  • Scenario Analysis (7.5 ECTS), Group supervisor

Previous teaching

  • International Peace and Security (15 ECTS), Lecturer and seminar leader


Peer-reviewed articles

Johansson, Karin and Mehwish Sarwari. 2017. "Sexual violence and biased military interventions in civil conflict.” Conflict Management and Peace Science. forthcoming.  

Hultman, Lisa and Karin Johansson. 2017. “Responding to Sexual Violence: UN Peacekeeping and the Protection Agenda.” Global Responsibility to Protect 9(2): forthcoming.

Book chapters

Bjarnegård, Elin, Erik Melander, Gabrielle Bardall, Karen Brounéus, Erika Forsberg, Karin Johansson, Angela Muvumba Sellström, and Louise Olsson (2015). “Gender, Peace, and Armed Conflict”. SIPRI Yearbook.

Conference papers

Johansson Karin, Shaming the Shameless: Exploring the conditions under which shaming can reduce state-perpetrated sexual violence. Presented at the International Studies Association’s 57th Annual Convention, USA, March 16-19, 2016 and the National conference in peace and conflict, Malmö, Sweden, 14-15 april, 2016.

Johansson, Karin and Lisa Hultman. ”UN Peacekeeping and Protection from Sexual Violence”. Presented by Lisa Hultman at the International Studies Association’s 57th Annual Convention, USA, March 16-19, 2016. 


Member of the Research School on Peace and Conflict, Norway

Karin Johansson
Ph.D. candidate

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