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I am pursuing a PhD as of January 2012, focusing on mediation in armed conflicts. In particular, I strive to explain mediator styles of IGO and NGO mediators using survey experiments and interviews. Read more about the research project Understanding Mediator Style on the project page.

In general, I have a great interest in and have previously been working on conflict resolution and international mediation, conflict-related sexual violence, conflict prevention and nonviolent uprisings as well as governance in Africa.

I am available through e-mail for specific questions and comments.



Peer Reviewed Articles

Svensson, Isak and Mathilda Lindgren. 2013. Peace from the Inside: Exploring the Role of the Insider-Partial Mediator. International Interactions 39(5): 698–722.

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Supporting Editors

Ohlson, Thomas ed. 2011. From Intra-State War to Durable Peace: Conflict and Its Resolution in Africa after the Cold War. Republic of Letters Publishing. [assisted the editor]

Svensson, Isak and Peter Wallensteen. 2010. Going Between: Ambassador Jan Eliasson and the Styles of Mediation. Washington: USIP. [assisted the authors with editing and research]

Other publications

DPCR. 2015. "Nio punkter för global fred". Opinion piece in Uppsala Nya Tidning (UNT), September 25.

Bergom Larsson, Maria, Johan Dittrich-Halleberg, Mathilda Lindgren, Aster Boberg Menghestu and Rafik Lassel Sundström. 2010. Agera kraftfullt mot ockupationen. Opinion piece in UNT, December 10.

Sundberg, Ralph, Mathilda Lindgren and Ausra Padskocimaite. 2010. UCDP Georeferenced Event Dataset (UCDP GED Codebook). Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University.

Conference Presentations

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2015. Mediator Style and Individual Level Explanations: A Closer Look at the Views of Global and Regional IGO Mediators in Armed Conflicts. Research Paper Seminar, 2015, May 29, DPCR, Uppsala University & FBA Conflict Prevention Group, 2015, June 7, Stockholm & EPSA Annual Conference, 2015, June 26, Vienna, Austria.

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2014. Exploring the Mediator Dilemma, Explaining Mediator Style. Presented at the APSA Annual Conference, August 28, USA and the FBA Conflict Prevention Working Group Conference, August 26, both in Washington DC. 

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2014. Understanding Mediator Style: Introducing a Research Project. Paper presented at the Research Paper Seminar, February 26, DPCR, Uppsala University.

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2013. The Force of Mediator Framing: A Field Experiment. Paper presented at the Thomas Ohlson Memorial Conference, April 19–20, 2013, Uppsala University, Uppsala, as well as the ISA Annual Conference, April 3–6, 2013, San Francisco, USA.

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2013. Framing in Mediation: A Field Experiment. Paper presented at the Research Paper Seminar, January 31, 2013, at DPCR, Uppsala University.

Svensson, Isak and Mathilda Lindgren. 2009. From Bombs to Banners: Exploring the Patterns of Unarmed Insurrections in East Asia. Paper presented at ICAS Conference, August 6–9, 2009, Daejeon, Korea.


Planned commitments for 2015:

  • International Conflict Resolution MSS (15)––Course convenor, lecturer and seminar leader
  • Conflict Resolution B (7,5)––Course convenor, lecturer and seminar leader
  • Thesis C (15)--Supervisor


Member of the International Working Group on Conflict Prevention, Folke Bernadotte Academy (2013–)

Visiting Scholar at the Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University (September 2014–January 2015)

PhD representative at the board of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (2012–14)

Mathilda Lindgren

Mathilda Lindgren

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