Erik Noreen

Deputy Head of Department; Associate Professor

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Research Areas

Security Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations, Northern Atlantic Area, Globalization, Qualitative methods.

Main current research  

Organizational culture, norms and modern warfare 

The project aims to examine the relationship between organizational culture, norms and modern warfare, with particular reference to troop contributing states within the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.


Security Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, Cognitive Theories, Constructivism, Qualitative methods.


Selected recent publications 

Ångström, Jan & Erik Noreen (2016)  ”Swedish strategy and the Afghan experience: from neutrality to ambiguity” in Holmberg, Anita and Jan Hallenberg (eds) The Swedish Presence in Afghanistan. Security and Defence Transformation. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 31-55.

Noreen, Erik with Roxanna Sjöstedt and Jan Ångström (2016) “Why small states join big wars: The case of Sweden in Afghanistan 2002–2014”, International Relations DOI: 10.1177/0047117816651125

Noreen, Erik with Jan Ångström (2016) “Swedish Strategy and the Afghan Experience: From Neutrality to Ambiguity”, in Arita Holmberg & Jan Hallenberg (eds.) The Swedish Presence in Afghanistan: A New National Identity and Transformation of the Security and Defence Field. (Aldershot: Ashgate)

Noreen, Erik & Jan Angstrom (2015) ”A Catch-All Strate-gic Narrative: Target Audiences and Swedish Troop Contribution to ISAF in Afghanistan”, in Beatrice de Graaf, Georges Dimitriu & Jens Ringsmose (eds.) Strategic Narratives, Public Opinion, and War: Winning Support for Foreign Military Missions (London: Routledge). 

Noreen, Erik (2013) “Same, same but different. Nordic Experiences of Crisis Management in Afghanistan”, Paper presented for ISA annual convention in San Francisco, April 2013 

Noreen, Erik, 2010. Anmälan av Mikael Blomdahl: The Political Use of Force. Beyond National Security Consideration as a Source of American Foreign Policy, Stockholm Studies in Politics 127 Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift 112(3): 297-301.

Noreen, Erik, 2008. ‘Socializing Baltic States into a Security Community: Aspects of Globalization’, in Douglas W. Blum, ed., Russia and Globalization: Identity, Security, and Society in an Era of Change. Washington: Woodrow Wilson Center Press & Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press (233-259).

Noreen, Erik, 2007. ‘Threat Images and Socialization: Estonia and Russia in the New Millennium’, in Olav Knudsen, ed. Security Strategies, Power Disparity and Identity: Applying New Perspectives on the Baltic Sea Region. Aldershot: Ashgate (97-123).

Noreen, Erik, 2005. ‘Who is afraid of the Russian Bear?’ in Göran Bolin, ed. The Challenge of the Baltic Sea Region: Culture, Ecosystems, Democracy. Stockholm: Södertörn University College (261-285).

Noreen, Erik & Roxanna Sjöstedt, 2004. ‘Estonian Identity Formation and Threat Framing in the Post-Cold War Era’, Journal of Peace Research 41(6): 733-750.

Noreen, Erik, 2007. ’Språktester hindrar ett enat Estland’ (Language Tests Prevent a United Estonia) Svenska Dagbladet 4 July.

Noreen, Erik & Johan Eriksson, 2006. ‘Hur man säljer hot’ (How to sell threats), Axess, 2006:8.

Noreen, Erik & Johan Eriksson, 2006. ’Hotbildsentrenörens verktygslåda’ (The Threat Image Entrepreneur’s ‘Tool-Box’,. KBM:s temaserie 2006:6.


Selected recent professional activities

Excellent teacher at Uppsala University

Deputy Head of Department

Head of Department

Board Member of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University

Board Member of the Swedish Political Science Association, Section on International Relations

Board Member of the Uppsala Univesity Forum on Democray, Justice and Peace (Gamla Torget)

Anna Lindh Scholar at Freeman Spogli Institute of International Relations, Stanford University, USA.

Network participation: Globalization, Security and Identity: Applications to Russia. Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington DC

Nordic-Baltic network in Political Science and International Relations, supported by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education

2001 – 2006
Dep. Project Leader Threat Politics Project, supported by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm, Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Affiliated to the program Power Disparity, Identity and Cooperative Security in the Baltic Sea Regio, supported by the Baltic Sea Foundation, Södertörn University College

Erik Noreen

Erik Noreen
Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor

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