Department of Peace and Conflict Research

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Causes of Peace

Causes of War

Climate Change, Role of Water in Armed Conflicts

Communal Conflicts

Conflict Analysis

Conflict Data

Conflict Dynamics

Conflict Economics

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Termination

Conflict Trends

Coups d’état


Dialogue, Mediation and Negotiation

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)

the East Asian Peace

Electoral Violence

Ethnicity and ethnopolitical conflict


Food insecurity and violence

Forecasting Armed Conflict

Foreign aid and armed conflict

Gender and Violent Conflict

Human Rights

Interstate conflicts
Interventions/External Support

Men and Violence

Migration, Refugees

Non-violent Conflict

Peace Agreement

Peace Processes


Postwar Violence

Proxy wars

Rebel Recruitment


Religion and Conflict



Security Studies

United Nations

US Foreign Policy

Veteran Research

Violence against Civilians