Application to the programme



A Bachelor's degree equivalent to a Swedish degree of at least 180 credits (i.e. three years of full-time studies), including at least 90 credits in peace and conflict studies, or alternatively 90 credits in adjacent relevant subjects (e.g. International Relations, Global Studies, or other subjects in the field of social sciences) and at least 30 credits in the main subject or corresponding experience, as well as documented written independent academic work in English or Swedish.

The department will evaluate if the applicants’ degrees fulfil the eligibility requirements only after all their documents have been submitted to University Admissions in Sweden. Read more.

Application Procedure

Admissions are only made in the autumn term. There are two application periods to the Master program.

The first application period, which is open to all international applicants, is from 17 October 2016 to 16 January 2017 (deadline at midnight CET). We strongly encourage ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS to apply during the first application round. Applications are made through Application code: UU-M2482.

The second application round is primarily for Swedish students, and is from 15 March to 18 April 2017 (deadline at midnight CET). Applications are made through www.antagning.seApplication code: UU-P2061. The selection results for students who apply during the second application round will be sent out on 13 July 2017.

After submitting your electronic application, you must submit a number of supporting documents that show that you meet the entry requirements. You will need to submit supporting documents both to the University Admissions in Sweden and to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research:

Find out here what documentation you have to submit to University Admissions in Sweden.

There may be information that is specific to your country. Please make sure that all required documentation is received by 1 February 2017.

You will find detailed information regarding the application process in Applying, step by step.

Note: For those who apply in the second round, printed copies of your complete documentation have to reach the Department not later than 5 June 2017.

Submitting your Documentation to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research

To be eligible for the program, ALL applicants are required to send printed copies of the following documentation to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (see address below):

  1. Letter of intent (1 to 2 pages): explain your reasons for wanting to attend the Master program; state your long and short term academic and career goals; include information on your previous studies and your research experience. In English
  2. CV in English
  3. Written independent academic work, preferably a Bachelor thesis. In English or Swedish.
    • If you do not have a Bachelor thesis, you should submit one or more academic works that you are the only author of (essays or other written assignments that, in total, have about 8,000 words).
    • If your Bachelor thesis is co-authored, you should also submit a printed copy of one independent academic work, in addition to your Bachelor thesis.
    • If your written independent academic work is in any other language than English, please provide a summary (3-5 pages) in English.
    • Please do not submit research proposals.
  4. Two letters of recommendation in signed sealed envelopes from present or former teachers. The letters should be in English or Swedish.
    • The letters should assess: the applicant’s academic work; intellectual ability; research and analytical skills; ability to communicate in oral and written English; motivation and initiative; applicant’s principal qualities and weaknesses as a student; and any further remarks on the student that are relevant.
    • The letters have to be sent by the applicants in signed sealed envelopes; alternatively, the referees may send the letters directly to the Department (see address below).
  5. Transcripts of your Bachelor's degree. In English or Swedish.

If you are in your final year of studies, please mention in your letter of intent which courses you will be taking.

Send your printed documentation to the following address: 

Department of Peace and Conflict Research
Uppsala University
P.O. Box 514
SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Mark your envelope "Master Program in Peace and Conflict Studies"

Selection to the Program

Selection will be based on a total appraisal of the grades in previous university courses and – foremost – the academic quality of the Bachelor thesis (or essay) in peace and conflict studies or equivalent.

Master Program in Peace and Conflict Studies

Ms. Liana Lopes
Program Coordinator
Phone: +46 (0) 18 471 23 77
Fax: +46 (0)18 69 51 02
P.O. Box 514
SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Ms. Ingalill Blad Ögren
Program Administrator
Phone: +46 (0)18 471 23 49
Fax: +46 (0)18 69 51 02
P.O. Box 514
SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden