Armed Conflict in the European Space

Project Director Peter Wallensteen, Dag Hammarskjöld Professor of Peace and Conflict Research

Reference Group

The project has a Reference Group, which reviews the work. Members of the Group are Docent Birger Heldt (Folke Bernadotte Academy), Dr Björn Holmberg (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), and Dr Karin Lindgren (Senior Advisor, Prime Minister's Office). Chair is Dr Peter Stern (The Swedish Emergency Management Agency).

Project Period

2001 - 2004

Contact Person

Frida Möller

Other Project Employees

Mikael Eriksson, Margareta Sollenberg, Karen Brounéus.

Project Description

The project focuses the European space (Europe and adjacent areas). It has the following subprojects

  • Studies in conflict trends in Europe since the end of the Cold War (Mikael Erikssson). The working definitions of the Uppsala Conflict Data Project are applied.
  • Conflict Prevention strategies. The project focuses on the conditions for and experiences of successful measures to prevent a likely or possible armed conflict. A first aspect is an overview of the methods used in existing prevention studies (autumn 2003, Frida Möller).
  • Reconciliation after internal armed conflict (Karen Brounéus).
  • Political and Social Effects of Internal Armed Conflict. This project initially focuses on methodological development. (Margareta Sollenberg)


Eriksson, Mikael (ed), States in armed conflict 2001, Uppsala: Department of Peace and Conflict Research 2002.

Wallensteen, Peter and Frida Möller 2003. Conflict Prevention: Methodology for Knowing the Unknown, 31 p.

Main Financial Support

Swedish Emergency Management Agency (Krisberedskapsmyndigheten, KBM)