Autonomy as a Conflict-Solving Mechanism

Project Leader Kjell-Åke Nordquist, Associate Professor

Project Period


Others involved

Peter Wallensteen, Professor

Project Description

Autonomy as a constitutionally based arrangement for self-rule has in the 20th century gradually become an internationally recognised form for intra-state conflict management, for instance of ethnic or minority conflicts. Autonomies are established under different conditions and on the basis of different norms. This project then studies under what conditions autonomies are likely to result in durable settlements of internal conflict.


"Autonomy as a Conflict-Solving Mechanism" in Suksi, Markku (ed), 2001, Autonomy - Applications and Implications, Kluwer Law International

Other Project Activities

The project has been actively involved in the creation of an international network of researchers interested in autonomy studies through a cooperation between Colombia University, New York, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europé (OSCE), and Uppala University.

A major conference in this network was held in China (2001). Another meeting was held in Uppsala in 2003, and a major conference is again planned for 2004 in Uppsala.

Main Financial Support

Uppsala University, Carnegie Corporation, USA, Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation