The Diffusion of Military Conflict

Project Leader Mats Hammarström, Associate Professor

Project Period


Project Description

This project assesses the fruitfulness of applying network analysis to diffusion of interstate military conflict. Specifically, the network position approach is applied in a statistical analysis, using a new global dataset of interstate military interventions in conflict systems, 1945-1991.

The findings obtained so far indicate that the network position approach is able to identify which of the contiguous states in a region that are most likely to become targets of diffusion.

In addition to the statistical analysis, the project aims at providing more detailed information of diffusion mechanisms through case studies. Two case studies focus specifically on the role of refugees as agents of conflict diffusion.


Hammarström, Mats, and Birger Heldt, 2001. The Diffusion of Military Intervention: Testing a Network Position. International Interactions vol. 28, no. 4 (2002):355-377

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