Making Peace Agreements Durable: The Role of Justice

Project Participants: Professor Cecilia Albin, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala (co-leader); Professor Daniel Druckman, The Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and George Mason University, USA (co-leader)

Project Period

Started December 2006, ongoing

Contact Person

Cecilia Albin

Project Description

Are negotiated agreements based on justice "better" than other agreements? Principles and concepts of justice influence the dynamics of conflict and negotiation, and the content of negotiated agreements, as demonstrated in earlier research (by e.g. C. Albin, D. Druckman, I.W. Zartman & V. Kremenyuk, D. Welch and others). No systematic study to date has, however, examined the fundamental question of whether agreements based on justice are in fact better and thus preferable in the sense of being more durable over the long term.

This project is designed to fill that gap. While the focus on justice is original and the approach multi-method, it shares the broader and growing concern within peace and conflict research about the conditions for and requirements for sustainable peace. That concern reflects in turn the real-world shift to common and serious problems with the implementation and durability of peace agreements, and with preventing violations and relapses into violence.

The project develops multiple indicators of 'justice' and 'durability' and investigates a number of questions about the relationship between the two: whether just agreements are more durable and stable than other agreements, and whether "the more just, the more durable over time"; the importance of justice relative to other major factors known to influence the durability of agreements; and how justice and other factors interact under different circumstances and in different cases.

Methodological approach: Multidisciplinary and multi-method, using and combining complementary quantitative and qualitative methods (including large-N correlational analyses and small-n focused comparisons).


Cecilia Albin & Daniel Druckman, "Distributive Justice and the Durability of Negotiated Agreements". Research paper, July 2007 (44 pp.).

Numerous articles, books and chapters published earlier by the project leaders on justice, negotiation, methodology and related subjects (search in e.g. Google Scholar,