Peace by Piece - Multiple Actors in Peace Processes in Civil Wars

Project Leader

Desirée Nilsson, Associate Professor

Project Period


Project Description 

The purpose of this project is to explore how the presence of multiple actors in civil wars affects the prospects of reaching negotiated settlements and durable peace. The study explores global patterns by employing unique data on peace agreements in the entire post-Cold War period, and entails an in-depth study of the Liberian peace process. The project also encompasses visits to two research environments. During the fall 2008 Nilsson was a Visiting Fellow at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, Notre Dame University, and in September 2007 a Visiting Fellow at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO). 

Related Publications 

Nilsson, Desirée. 2012. "Anchoring the Peace: Civil Society Actors in Peace Accords and Durable Peace", International Interactions 38(2):243-266.

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The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, Notre Dame University

The International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)