Turning Spoilers into Statesmen: Third Party Strategies for Sustainable Peace in West Africa

Project Leader

Desirée Nilsson, Associate Professor

Project Period

2008–2013 (the project was planned in 2007 with a planning grant from Sida/SAREC)

Project Participants

Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs, Assistant Professor

Project Description 

The purpose of this project is to address the following research question: Why do some warring parties, following a peace agreement in a civil war, act as spoilers and resort to arms, while others turn into statesmen and remain committed to peace? This critical question is addressed through a two-folded research process. First, an analytical framework is developed based on previous research. Second, case studies of three peace processes in West Africa; Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Coté d’Ivoire, are conducted and field research is carried out.

This project seeks to contribute to research and policy making on this topic by (1) identifying under what conditions warring parties choose peace over violence and (2) proposing appropriate third party strategies in preventing and managing spoiler violence so as to strengthen the process towards sustainable peace.

The local collaborating partners are the Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation at the University of Liberia, and Centre for Development and Security Analysis (CEDSA) in Sierra Leone. 

Related Publications and Working Papers  

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Main Financial Support

Sida/SAREC (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

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