Who, Where and Why: Understanding Microfoundations of Civil War

Project Leader

Desirée Nilsson, Associate Professor

Project Period


Project Participants

Hanne Fjelde, Assistant Professor
Lisa Hultman, Associate Professor

Project Description 

Why do some violent conflicts evolve into devastating events with large civilian death tolls, whereas others are less severe and terminate more swiftly? The quantitative research has approached this question with empirical tests on national level, focusing on state level attributes. However, civil wars are local events, and they evolve in interaction between warring actors.

This project advances this literature through a disaggregated analysis of new and unique micro-level data on the conflict behavior of warring actors and their geographical location. Three puzzles are examined: (1) why rebel groups deliberately kill civilians; (2) why rebel groups engage in battle with other rebel groups; and (3) why some rebel groups are offered peaceful bargains by the government to end their fighting. Through disaggregation, we make the actors and their interaction the focal point of our analysis, and hence advance our understanding of local determinants of conflict and the relationship between different types of violence.

We will rely on Uppsala Conflict Data Project’s new geo-referenced conflict events data, which are unique in their spatial and temporal coverage, and in their level of disaggregation by conflict actor. This will allow us for the first time to answer pertinent questions regarding who fights in civil war and where the fighting takes place, and provide more refined answers to the question of why some conflicts become violent and intractable. 

Related Publications and Working Papers 

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The Swedish Research Council

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