Causes of conflict

Research at the Department related to the topic of causes of conflict.

Electing Violence? The Causes of Electoral Violence in Africa

Project leader: Kristine Höglund | Project Page

Project Period: 2011 - ongoing

Under what conditions do elections lead to violence? This project advances the knowledge about electoral violence by employ a mixed methodology of combining quantitative analysis of new, sub-national data on electoral violence in Africa (1989–2008), with a qualitative analysis of four African countries.

Inequality and insurgency in India: a disaggregated analysis of the link between gender inequality and armed conflict

Project leader: Erika Forsberg | Project Page

Project Period: 2015-2017

Does gender inequality explain subnational variations in the risk and magnitude of armed conflict? The purpose of this project is to address this question through statistical analysis of new micro-level data on India’s 640 districts and qualitative fieldwork in select districts. Prior research has found robust support for a relationship between gender inequality and violent conflict on the country-level. However, many propositions for why inequality would be related to the risk of violent conflict rely on notions about norms, grievances and capacity which operate at a local level and which, hence, may not be fully captured by country-level data.

Related publications

  • Fjelde, Hanne and Lisa Hultman, 2014. “Weakening the Enemy: A Disaggregated Study of Violence against Civilians in Africa”, Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(7): 1230-1257.  
  • Opitz Christian, Hanne Fjelde, and Kristine Höglund. 2013. 'Including Peace: The Influence of Electoral Management Bodies on Electoral Violence.' Journal of Eastern African Studies (7)4: 713-731.