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EAP in Global Asia

EAP Core Group members featured in Special Edition, "The East Asian Peace: How It Came About and What Threats Lie Ahead" of Global Asia journal. 


Gender and armed conflict

EAP Core Group Members Elin Bjarnegård and Erik Melander and Research Associate Karen Brouneus publish "Gender, Peace and Armed Conflict" in the 2015 SIPRI Yearbook. 


Film from the Singapore Conference

See this vivid report from our debates in Singapore at youtube.


Quality Peace

EAP Advisory Board Chair Peter Wallensteen publishes "Comparing Conditions for Quality Peace" in 
International Security Studies (also in Chinese). 


Conflict in Thailand

EAP Program Leader Stein Tønnesson and EAP core group member Elin Bjarnegård publish "Why So Much Conflict in Thailand?" in the Thammasat Review journal. 


EAP at ISA 2016

An EAP-led panel has been accepted for the 2016 International Studies Association Convention in Atlanta, Georgia titled "Exploring the regional peace in East Asia and beyond". 


Sino-US relations

EAP Program Leader Stein Tønnesson publishes "Deterrence,interdependence
and Sino–US peace" 
in International Area Studies Review journal. 


Great powers

EAP Program Leader Stein Tønnesson and EAP Research Associate Pavel K. Baev publish "Can Russia keep its special ties
with Vietnam while moving
closer and closer to China?"
 in International Area Studies Review journal. 


Japan-China relations

EAP Research Associate Linus Hagström  publishes "War is peace: the rearticulation of ‘peace’ in Japan’s China discourse" in Review of International Studies journal with Ulv Hanssen. 



EAP Core Group member Isak Svensson publishes "What happens when peace processes fail or succeed?" in RapplerMinda News, and The Philippine Star with Kristine Höglund. 


North Korea

EAP Research Associate Jong Kun Choi gives a talk at 
the Institute for Security and Development Policy Forum in Stockholm on: "The Perils of North Korean Collapsism:
Why we need to focus on the denuclearization, and not the collapse, of North Korea".


Japan-Korea relations

EAP Advisory Board member Moon Chung-in published "Apology still a distant dream" in Korea Joongang Daily.


Victims in Asia-Pacific

EAP core group member Holly L. Guthrey published a book in the Springer Transitional Justice series titled Victim Healing and Truth Commissions: Transforming Pain through Voice in Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. 


U.S.-China relations

EAP Research Associate Wang Dong published "Improving Relationships With the US" in Defense News. 


International mediation

EAP Core Group member Isak Svensson publishes "International Mediation Bias and Peacemaking: Taking Sides in Civil Wars" with Routledge. 


U.S.-China relations

EAP Research Associate Wang Dong published "The Xi-Obama Summit – What Comes Next in U.S.-China Relations" in China-U.S Focus. 



North Korea

EAP Advisory Board member Moon Chung-in and John Delury published "A Reunified Theory:Should We Welcome the Collapse of North Korea?" in Foreign Affairs.


U.S.-China relations

EAP Research Associate Wang Dong published "Resetting U.S.-China Relations" in New York Times.


China-S. Korea relations

EAP Advisory Board member Moon Chung-in publishes "Trouble with the neighbor" in Korea Joongang Daily.


U.S.-N. Korea relations

EAP Advisory Board member Moon Chung-in cited in "Moon: Obama lacks plan, qualified staff on N. Korea" in NK News.


East Asian Peace

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond publishes information about East Asian Peace program: "Östasiatisk fred i nytt ljus".


East Asian Peace

Program Leader Stein Tønnesson published "Article 9 and the East Asian Peace" on the PRIO blog.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "The two faces of Thai authoritarianism" in East Asia Forum


Thailand politics

Program Leader Stein Tønnesson delivers keynote speech at the International Conference on Communication, Conflicts and Peace Processes in Pattani, Thailand.


Thailand-Cambodia relations

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Coup reorients relations with Cambodia" in Bangkok Post.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Domestic politics puts checks on Asean" in Bangkok Post.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Thailand's descent must not lead to disintegration" in Nikkei Asian Review.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Learning from a long history of coups" in Bangkok Post.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Elections the worst outcome in Thailand, except for all the others" in the East Asia Forum.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "No luck for Yingluck as Thai elections nullified" in the East Asia Forum.


China foreign policy

EAP Advisory Board member Wang Yizhou published "China's new foreign policy: Transformations and challenges reflected in changing discourse" in the Asan Forum.


Thailand politics

EAP Research Associate Thitinan Pongsudhirak published "Give Thailand’s democracy a chance" in the East Asia Forum


Korea-US ties

EAP Advisory Board member Prof Moon Chung-in published "Deeper discords lie beneath S.Korea-US ties" in the Global Times of China.

North-South Korea relations

EAP Advisory Board member Prof Moon Chung-in published "Virtu instead of fortuna" in Korea Joongang Daily


North Korean politics

EAP Advisory Board member Prof Moon Chung-in published "Is Kim Jon Un the reformer, and the executed Uncle Jang Seong-Taek the reactionary?" in The World Post.



EAP Advisory Board member Prof Moon Chung-in published "South Korea-US alliance strained by Japan" in the Global Times of China.


EAP Advisory Board member Prof Moon Chung-in published "Beijing’s overtures" in Korea Joongang Daily.


EAP research associate Dr Ren Xiao published "Diaoyu/Senkaku disputes — a view from China" on East Asia Forum.


The EAP Program will hold its Third Annual Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. The conference will be hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Its theme will be "Can East Asia Remain Peaceful?"


EAP research associate Dr Hoang Anh Tuan published "Why the new Vietnamese–Indonesian strategic partnership will strengthen ASEAN" onEast Asia Forum.


EAP research associate Dr Hoang Anh Tuan published "High Hopes and New Realities for the Vietnam-US Relationship" in the Asia-Pacific Bulletin.


EAP research associate Rex Li published "National Identity and Changing Great Power Relations in the Asia-Pacific: Is a Cold War Emerging?" on The Asan Forum.


The EAP program core group has written a chapter titled “The fragile peace in East and South East Asia” in the SIPRI Yearbook 2013. The SIPRI Yearbook was published online and in print in July 2013. For our chapter, clickhere.


EAP research associate Dr Ren Xiao published "China Debates DPRK Policy" on Pacnet.


EAP research associate Dr Hoang Anh Tuan published "The Fragile and Vulnerable Foundation of the Sino-US Relationship" on Pacnet.


EAP Program leader Stein Tönnesson published an article "Steps Forward for China to Resolve its Disputes in the South China Sea" and a book review "The Ins and Outs of A Geopolitical Mess" in Global Asia.

24-06-2013/ 27-06-2013

The EAP Program organised two panels at ICAS8 in Macau: "Peace and Conflict Trends in East Asia and the World: A Quantitative-Qualitative Exchange" and "The East Asia Peace: Trends, institutionalised repression, conflict dynamics, and historical distrust"

06-06-2013/ 08-06-2013

The EAP Program organised its annual program workshop titled "the depth of the East Asian Peace" in Uppsala.


EAP research associate Prof Jong Kun Choi published "Korean crisis hints at future Sino-US ties" on the Global Times.


EAP research associate Prof. Keyuan Zou published “Building a 'Harmonious World': A Mission Impossible?” in Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies.


EAP research associate Prof Jong Kun Choi published "South Korea, US agree on how to handle NK" inthe Korean Times.

03-04-2013/ 06-04-2013

Several EAP program members have presented at the ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco. For an overview of the contributions, click here.


EAP research associate Dr Hoang Anh Tuan published Understand Xi Jinping’s Renaissance, Put it in Historical Context on PacNet.


EAP research associate Dr Anders Engvall published A step toward peace in southern Thailand on East Asia Forum.


EAP Advisory Board Member former ambassador Börje Ljunggren published “China Dream” – Unshaken Party Rule on YaleGlobal.



EAP research associate Dr Thitinan Pongsudhirak published Obama’s Southeast Asia visit: re-engaging with the region on East Asia Forum.


EAP program leader Stein Tönnesson published China’s Boomerang Diplomacy on YaleGlobal.

16-11-2012: Interview with EAP program leader Stein Tönnesson

Please click here to access the interview made in the aftermath of the EAP Second Annual Conference. It is published by The Korea Herald/Asia News Network.   


The EAP Advisory Board held its Annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea where it discussed the proceedings of the EAP Program.

26-10-2012/ 27-10-2012

The EAP Program held its Second Annual Conference at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. The conference was hosted and co-organised by Yonsei University and is titled: Big Powers and Sustainable Peace: Will the East Asian Peace Hold?

Two New Books by East Asian Peace Researchers

EAP Research associate Mikael Weissmann published his book The East Asian Peace: Conflict Prevention and Informal Peacebuilding. Focusing on the Cold War period, it aims at developing an understanding of why the East Asian peace persists. To contribute to this understanding, Weissmann explores the informal processes within some of the region's potential military conflicts. It does so by comparing the Taiwan issue, the Korean nuclear conflict, and the South China Sea dispute.   

EAP Advisory Board member Professor Moon Chung-in published his book The Sunshine Policy. In his book, Professor Moon Chung-in presents a definitive analysis of how South Korea’s President Kim Dea-jung developed and implemented his revolutionary Sunshine Policy. Kim introduced this policy in 1998 and claimed it was better to encourage North Korea to leave its isolation and confrontation rather than forcing it to such a change. This book addresses the challenges the policy faced and its existing potential for solving the impasse of relations between North and South Korea.


EAP core group member Isak Svensson posted the blog entry "Armed Conflicts in 2011: No progress towards the East Asian Peace" on the EAP Blog page. 

03-07-2012 New blog: Political Violence at a Glance

Research associate Kristine Eck contributed her second entry to Barbara Walter and Erica Chenoweth's fascinating new blog "Political Violence at a Glance." Her previous entry was about Myanmar. 


EAP research associate Joakim Kreutz published "Myanmar: Why Democracy May Not Bring Peace" on the Fair Observer

13-05-2012 - 14-05-2012

EAP program leader Stein Tönnesson organised a workshop on "Thailand's missing peace" hosted by PRIO, Oslo. Core group member Elin Bjarnegård and research associates Anders Engvall and Thitinan Pongsudhirak took part.

23-04-2012 - 24-03-2012

Stein Tönnesson, Timo Kivimäki and research associate Song Yann-Huei partook in the International Workshop on "Securing Maritime Peace in East Asia: The Role of International Law" in Preston, United Kingdom. The workshop is organised by research associate Zou Keyuan and co-funded by Lancashire Law School.


Professor Duncan McCargo has visited the program workshop in Bangkok to speak about  “Further reflections on the Southern Thai conflict.”

09-03-2012 - 12-03-2012

The EAP Core Group has met with the Chair of the Advisory Board Peter Wallensteen and research associate Anders Engvall for a program workshop in Bangkok.


14-12-2011 / 16-12-2011

Core Group members Stein Tønnesson and Erik Melander will attend a workshop in Bangkok and Pattani organised by research associate Anders Engvall.

16-09-2011 / 18-09-2011

The EAP program holds its First Annual Conference in Uppsala, Sweden

31-03-2011 / 03-04-2011

The EAP program organises two EAP panels at the AAS/ICAS conference, Honolulu, Hawaii on East Asia’s Capitalist Peace, and China and the Capitalist Peace.

14-02-2011 / 16-02-2011

The EAP program organises a Core Group workshop in Bangkok, Thailand to kick off the programme.
Present: Stein Tönnesson, Erik Melander, Elin Bjarnegård, Isak Svensson, Peter Wallensteen, Susanne Schaftenaar.


Start of the East Asian peace programme!




Daniel Finnbogason & Isak Svensson (2017): "The missing jihad: Why have there been no jihadist civil wars in Southeast Asia?", The Pacific Review, DOI: 10.1080/09512748.2017.1325391 (published online 15 May)


On 2 May 2017, the Danish ThinkChina published a policy brief by Stein Tønnesson: Can the East Asian Peace Survive? (


Sino-Russia relations

EAP Program Leader Stein Tönnesson and Research Associate Pavel Baev publish "The Troubled Russia–China Partnership as a Challenge to the East Asian Peace" in the Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 


South Korea-US relations

EAP Research Associate Jong Kun Choi was interviewed in an article titled "Korea should avoid getting stuck between US, China" in the Korea Herald.


Can the East Asian Peace Survive under Trump?

Norwegian public radio interviewed program leader Stein Tønnesson about this question on 5 January 2017, together with Dr Eirik Torsvoll, (PluriCourts program, University of Oslo), and  Professor Nils Petter Gleditsch (Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO). Professor Gleditsch has recently published a book in Norwegian, entitled Towards a More Peaceful World? During the discussion, Stein Tønnesson presented findings from the East Asian Peace program and predicted a crisis in Sino-US relations but he also saw some win-win opportunities in connection with a reset of Sino-US terms of trade. He thought the East Asian Peace would hold - because everyone knows how catastrophic  the alternative could be.

If you understand Norwegian, you may listen to the discussion here.


War or peace in East Asia?

Stein Tönnesson will participate in a seminar titled "War or Peace in East Asia?" at NIAS-Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen. More information can be found here.


US-Asia relations

EAP Advisory Board member Bates Gill publishes "Can Trump keep his balance in Asia?" in the Pacific Forum newsletter published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies


The East Asian Peace: Can it Last?

EAP Advisory Board member Börje Ljunggren will give a talk titled "The East Asian Peace: Can it Last?" Co-sponsored by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and the Harvard University Asia Center. More information can be found here. 


Our film screened in Cambodia

Our 16 minutes film East Asia's Surprising Peace  was screened at the 5th Annual Peace Practitioners Research Conference in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on 25 November 2016.

Afterwards, Stein Tønnesson gave a keynote address about the East Asian Peace and how it can be made more viable. The artist Chan Wai made the drawing here, summarizing the main points. It includes an illustration used in Japanese schoolbooks from 1947 onward to show Japan's renunciation of war.


Trust and Distrust in Sino-American Relations

Professor Steve Chan will give a talk titled "Trust and Distrust in Sino-American Relations" at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University. The talk will be held in Sal. 2 from 15:15-17:00 on 23 November.


The East Asian Peace – in Swedish!

Stein Tønnesson, Isak Svensson and Elin Bjarnegård gave a 30 minute presentation of the East Asian Peace programme at the Göteborg book fair on 22 September 2016, emphasizing the disagreements among themselves as to how the peace may be explained, and whether or not the region can be considered peaceful. See their presentation here.


Is the East Asian Peace threatened?

The 4th of July 2016 China Day at the annual Swedish Almedalen week in Visby, Gotland, includes a panel at 1 pm about the East Asian Peace, where program core group members Joakim Kreutz and Isak Svensson, and Advisory Board Member Börje Ljunggren discuss (in Swedish) if the East Asian Peace is under threat. For the full program of the China Day, see:


South China Sea

On June 3, 2016 the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) published online the report Sense and sensibility: adressing the South China Sea disputes, edited by Eva Pejsova. It includes chapters by two of the East Asian Peace program’s researchers: Liselotte Odgaard, “How to defuse Sino-US tensions in the SCS?” (pp. 17-23) and Stein Tønnesson, “UN Compulsory Arbitration: A tough test for China” (pp. 25-30).


Conflict in East Asia

EAP Program leader Stein Tönnesson publishes ‘Will Nationalism Drive Conflict in Asia?’ in Nations and Nationalism journal. 


EAP-Can it last?

EAP Program leader Stein Tönnesson participated in a roundtable discussion titled "The East Asian Peace: Can it Last?" at NIAS-Nordic Institute for Asian Studies in Copenhagen on 26 April. 



EAP Program leader Stein Tönnesson publishes "Myanmar’s ethnic minorities marginalised more" in East Asia Forum with Marte Nilsen.


EAP Advisory Board member Börje Ljunggren publishes "Växande oro för Kinas framtidsdrömmar" in Svenska Dagbladet. 



EAP Research Associate Ashley South publishes "Schooling and Conflict: Ethnic Education and Mother Tongue-based Teaching in Myanmar" with Marie Lall. 


China-Taiwan relations

Scott L. Kastner publishes "Is the Taiwan Strait
Still a Flash Point? Rethinking the Prospects for Armed
Conflict between China and Taiwan"
based on EAP Fourth Annual Conference paper in International Security. 



EAP Core Group member Isak Svensson publishes "Manufacturing Dissent: Modernization and the Onset of Major Nonviolent Resistance Campaigns" in the Journal for Conflict Resolution with Dr Charles Butcher.


North Korea

EAP Research Associate Jong Kun Choi publishes "The Perils of Strategic Patience with North Korea" in the Washington Quarterly journal.