MISTRA Geopolitics

Project leader

Håvard Hegre, Professor

Other Project Employees

Nina von Uexkull, Assistant Professor

Project period


Project Description

The Mistra Geopolitics research program examines the interactions between geopolitics, human security and global environmental change. It seeks to develop strategies for Sweden and Swedish actors to better navigate and face increasing geopolitical insecurity while taking advantage of opportunities created by innovation and technological development.

Mistra Geopolitics brings together an interdisciplinary research team consisting of six Swedish core partners: The Stockholm Environment Institute (host), the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and the universities of Linköping, Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala. The expertise of the research team spans peace and conflict research, environmental and sustainability politics and governance, human geography, and advanced skills in visualization and decision support.

As part of the MISTRA Geopolitics program the Department of Peace and Conflict Research investigates the interrelationship between peace and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the impact of environmental change on political violence.

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Main financial support

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research MISTRA

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