UCDP Papers

UCDP Paper No. 1

Eck, Kristine. A beginner's guide to conflict data. Finding the right dataset. (2005) pdf 

UCDP Paper No. 2

Brosché, Johan. Darfur - Dimensions and Dilemmas of a Complex Situation (2008) pdf
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UCDP Paper No. 3

Sundberg, Ralph. Revisiting One-sided Violence - A Global and Regional Analysis (2009) pdf

UCDP Paper No. 4

Strandow, Daniel, Michael Findley, Daniel Nielson, and Josh Powell. The UCDP and AidData codebook on georeferencing aid. Version 1.1 (2011) pdf

UCDP Paper No. 5

Möller, Frida. Identifying Conflict Prevention Measures: Comparing Two Approaches (2010) pdf

UCDP Paper No. 6

Lindgren, Mathilda, Peter Wallensteen, and Helena Grusell. Meeting the New Challenges to International Mediation (2010) pdf

UCDP Paper No. 7

Johansson, Emma, Joakim Kreutz, Peter Wallensteen, Christian Altpeter, Sara Lindberg, Mathilda Lindgren, Ausra Padskocimaite. A New Start for EU Peacemaking? Past Record and Future Potential (2010) pdf

UCDP Paper No. 8 

Forsberg, Erika, Allard Duursma, and Laura Grant. Theoretical and Empirical Considerations in the Study of Ethnicity and Conflict. Summary Report from an International Workshop at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. (2012) pdf 

UCDP Paper No. 9

Erik Melander. Organized Violence in the World 2015. An Assessment by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. (2015) pdf


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