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As the Islamic State (IS) is being increasingly pushed back in the Middle East, Prof. Svensson argues for the need for a discussion on how to build sustainable peace in the region. Efter IS, Mänsklig Säkerhet, 7 June 2017. (In Swedish.)  

Photo: MidoSemsem/Shutterstock

Prof. Svensson on the decline of political Islamism and what the international community needs to do to overcome militant Islamism. Tvådelad strategi behövs mot militant islamism, Utrikesmagasinet, 27 May 2017. (In Swedish.)

Project leader Prof. Isak Svensson on Swedish radio talking about the deadly attack in central Stockholm on 7 April 2017. Lyckas terroristerna splittra oss? Sveriges Radio P1, 13 April 2017. (In Swedish.)

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