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Recent Sanctions-related UN Resolutions

18 February 2015 – With Resolution 2203 the Security Council decides to review the sanctions measures imposed by resolution 2048 (2012) seven months from the adoption of this resolution.

18 May 2012 – With Resolution 2048 (2012) the Security Council imposes a travel ban on those who seek to prevent the restoration of the constitutional order or taking action that undermines stability in Guinea-Bissau, in particular those who played a leading role in the 12 April 2012 coup. A New Sanctions Committee is established to monitor the implementation of the measures, designate individuals subject to the measures, establish guidelines for the implementation of the measures, report to the Security Council, encourage dialogue between the Committee and interested Member States and organizations especially in the region, seek information from the states and the organizations and to take appropriate action on allegations of violations or non-compliance of the measures.