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Recent Sanctions-related UN Resolutions

3 March 2008 – With resolution 1803 the Security Council decides on a travel ban for persons listed in this resolution as well as others designated by the SC or the Committee as being engaged in, associated with or supportive of Iran’s proliferation sensitive nuclear activities or the development of nuclear weapon delivery. The asset freeze and travel ban stipulated in 1737 also apply to persons and entities listed in this resolution. States are to prevent the supply, sale or transfer from their territories of any materials, equipment, goods or technology related to ballistic missile programmes. Humanitarian assistance and IAEA are exempted.

24 March 2007 – By adopting resolution 1747 the Security Council decides to extend the assets freeze to cover more individuals and entities. A voluntary travel ban is issued covering the designated individuals. This is complemented by a mandatory decision stipulating that all states shall report to the Committee on the entry into or transit through their territories of such persons. It is furthermore decided that Iran is prohibited to sell or transfer arms or related material. All states are called upon to voluntarily avoid providing Iran with heavier conventional arms or related services to complement the previous ban on providing Iran with WMD related prohibited items and components. States and financial institutions are also called upon to not provide Iran with any new grants, concessional loans, or financial assistance (except for humanitarian purposes).

23 December 2006 – In resolution 1737 the Security Council notes that Iran has not suspended all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities as requested through resolution 1696 (2006). It is decided that Iran shall immediately cease its sensitive nuclear activities and that all states shall prevent the supply or transfer from their territories of any resource, assistance or training which could contribute to such activities.

It is further decided that all states shall freeze the funds and resources that are owned or controlled by designated individuals that are directly or indirectly associated with Iran’s nuclear activities. All states are recommended to be alert to entry or transit through their territory of such individuals. It is decided that the Committee is to be notified when such entries or transits occur.

A Committee of the Security Council consisting of all the members of the Council is established.