Speaker Series

Schedule Spring 2017

9 February
"Regime Type, Agricultural Policy and Political Stability"
Henry Thomson, Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

23 March
“Digital controls and violent state repression”
Anita Gohdes, Asst. Professor of International Relations, University of Zurich

20 April
"The Death Camp Eldorado: Political and Economic Effects of Wartime Property Transfers"
Evgeny Finkel, Asst. Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University

4 May
“Where do violent norms come from? An institutional analysis of rebellion”
Zoe Marks, Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

18 May
"The Benefits of Bad Behavior: Global Accountability and Local Performance in International Peacebuilding”
Susanna Campbell, Asst. Professor at the School of International Service, American University

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Regime Type, Agricultural Policy and Political Stability

Henry Thomson

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Henry Thomson is currently a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Before starting his position at Oxford, he studied Political Science and Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, International Relations at the Free University of Berlin, and Political Science and German at Victoria University of Wellington. Dr. Thomson’s research interests center on the political economy of democratization and authoritarianism. His dissertation, on agricultural policy and authoritarian regime durability, won the 2015 Juan Linz Prize for best dissertation in comparative democratization from the American Political Science Association. Other projects look at rural inequality and civil conflict, economic policy and repression under authoritarianism, and urban unrest.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Sal. 2, Gamla Torget 3

Open to the public.

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series lectures are open to the public. Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are held at 13.15-15.00 in Sal. 2, Gamla Torget 3. Most welcome!