ViEWS brownbag series

Welcome to brownbag seminars hosted by the Views program at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. The seminars will be held at 12.00-13.00 in the Dag Hammarskjöld room at Gamla Torget 3. The presentations will be classical 'brownbags' with a 10-minute presentation and subsequent discussion. The seminars are open for everyone to attend.

Schedule for the Spring 2017

14 March: Michael Colaresi: 'Machine Learning Human Rights and Wrong'

28 March: Giuliano Di Baldassarre: 'Hydrological extremes and society: who shapes whom?'

18 April: Suthan Krishnarajan: 'Economic Crisis, the International System, and Coup Attempts: Exploring a conditional relationship'

25 April: Håvard Hegre: 'ViEWS forecasts: Status report'

18 May: Yonatan Lupu: ’Violence, Non-Violence and the Effects of International Human Rights Law'

13 June: Baris Ari: ‘Peace negotiations in civil conflicts’


Kick-off meeting for the ViEWS project

The ViEWS project started up with a kick-off meeting on 17–18 January. The project, directed by Håvard Hegre and involving Hanne FjeldeLisa HultmanDesiree Nilsson, as well as an international team of researchers, will develop, test, and iteratively improve a pilot Violence Early-Warning System (ViEWS). It will provide early warnings for four forms of political violence: armed conflict involving states and rebel groups, armed conflict between non-state actors, violence against civilians, and forced population displacement, and apply these to specific actors, sub-national geographical units, and countries. The system will leverage the data resources of the UCDP and other data sources developed by the Department and the project’s international partners.

The project has five years of funding from the European Research Council and involves collaboration with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

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