The Geocoded Peacekeeping Operations (Geo-PKO) Dataset 1.1

The Geo-PKO dataset provides data on the location of UN peacekeeping deployments (including the size and type of deployments, as well as information on the troop contributing countries in each location) in all intrastate armed conflicts in Africa, 1994-2014. When using the data, please cite:

Cil, Deniz, Hanne Fjelde, Lisa Hultman, and Desirée Nilsson. 2019. ”Mapping blue helmets: Introducing the Geocoded Peacekeeping Operations (Geo-PKO) dataset.” Journal of Peace Research. Online first:

Future updates: An updated version of the data, extending the temporal coverage until 2018, will be posted here by the end of 2019. In 2020, we are extending the data collection globally, and the data will be posted here when available.

Geo-PKO Dataset and Codebook:

Replication data for the JPR article: