Strategy regarding teaching and Covid 19

The global spread of covid-19 is having a massive impact on universities around the world. It is understandable that both current and prospective students may be concerned about the impact the pandemic may have on their studies, and whether there is a need to change plans.

Since 13 March 2020, most teaching at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research has used digital modes. Following the Vice Chancellor’s decision taken on 20 November, stating that online forms of teaching and examination must be used wherever possible until at least 22 March 2021, all teaching at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research during the rest of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester (until at least 22 March) will be conducted online. This relates also to seminars and thesis supervision.

At the MSSc level, the thesis course will apply the following strategy: All lectures and other full-class activities will use digital teaching modes, with a mix of livestreamed and pre-recorded lectures. Some campus-based seminars may be offered, if conditions allow after 22 March, for those students that are able and willing to meet in person. Some supervisors may meet with their students in-person, provided that circumstances allow.

The course “International conflict resolution” will be taught entirely online. 

Regarding the MSSc elective courses that are scheduled for the second half of spring semester, a decision is pending and will be communicated early 2021.

At the BSSc level, all teaching is done online for the two first modules of Peace and Conflict Studies B. A decision related to the third module is pending and will be communicated early 2021.

As for the next academic year – fall 2021 and spring 2022 – no decisions have been made. All programs and courses offered at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research will return to campus as soon as we can safely do so, taking heed in particular to the health agency’s recommendations. However, it is too early to know now and too many uncertainties involved (such as current infection rates almost a year from now, travel restrictions, and the availability of a vaccine). Whether teaching will be done online, on campus, or a mix, the department and teaching staff remain deeply committed to continue to provide high quality education.

For the most recent university-wide information for students regarding the corona virus, please visit the following page:

A useful Q&A page for newly admitted students (including e.g. information about residence permits and tuition fees) can be found here

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