20 August 2018 – With Resolution 2432 the Security Council decides to renew until 31 August 2019 the measures imposed in 2017 by resolution 2374. The mandate of the Panel of experts is extended until 30 September 2019.

28 June 2018 – With Resolution 2423 the Security Council decides to extend the mandate of MINUSMA until 30 June 2019 and that MINUSMA’s mandate shall include to assist and exchange information with the Sanctions Committees and the Panel of experts established by resolution 2374 (2017).

5 September 2017 – With Resolution 2374 the Security Council imposes a travel ban and assets freeze on individuals and entities engaging in hostilities in violation of the Agreement.

A Sanctions Committee is established to monitor the implementation of the measures imposed by resolution 2374 and to designate individuals and entities subject to the measures.